8 Tips To Save On Petrol

Here are eight things you can do to keep your fuel costs down.

1) Keep your tyres inflated

Properly inflated tyres have less contact with the road, which helps reduce friction, and hence petrol consumption. That also helps preserve the integrity of your tyres, and give you a safer drive.

2) Swipe a credit card

Many banks offer fuel incentives. For example, CIMB’s Petronas MasterCard and Citibank’s Shell Gold Visa Credit Card offer up to 8% in fuel rebates. Loyalty programmes such as the Petronas Mesra Card, offer points for fuel redemption.

3) Drive smoothly

Instead of accelerating and braking harshly when driving, slow down before coming to a complete stop. With momentum driving, you will be saving petrol. And don’t rev your vehicle.

4) Eliminate excess weight

Unnecessary weight makes your engine work harder.

5) Consider carpooling

Say goodbye to lonely drives home. Enjoy the company of others and shave your petrol budget.

6) Avoid idling

If you’re waiting more than a minute, switch off the engine.

7) Avoid peak-hour driving

The higher the gear you drive in, the lower your engine speed (number of revolutions at which the crankshaft turns). A lower engine speed can improve fuel efficiency, so avoid peak-hour driving.


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Source: The Edge

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